Again I forgot about Favorite Author Mondays, I am super sorry!! However, today I felt God lay it on my heart to write a blog post based on the sermon my pastor gave on Sunday. So here we go!

The original sermon can be found here, Isn’t She Gorgeous? I HIGHLY recommend listening to it. It is only 37 minutes long and is super powerful!

Whether you are male or female fairytales resonate passionate feelings in you. For women, it is wanting to be found beautiful, exquisite, and rare; so much so, that someone would fight dragons and villains, and made give up their life to capture our hearts.

Men have a deep seeded passion to climb mountains, slay dragons, fight villains, and maybe even willing to die to save the princess, to capture something beautiful, exquisite, and rare. Why do we have these deep longings in our heart?

Well, it goes all the way back to Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden. Adam was alone in the garden until God made Eve for Adam. Woman was made for Adam and from Adam. Whether feminists these days would like to agree this is why woman was made. My pastor mentioned this quote in his sermon;

Image result for god made woman from man's side not his feet to be trampled on

God created woman to be a companion for man. God saw that it was not good for man to be alone, so He created woman to be his companion.

The garden of Eden is the ultimate love at first sight story. As soon as Adam saw Eve he broke out in song. Genesis 2:23

But as amazing as the love story of Adam and Eve is or even any love story today, none of them compare to Christ and the chruch. All love stories today point to the true love story of Christ and His chruch.

When Christ came to earth, He died for the chrich. He fought sin and Satan. Christ is the man that all males throughout time have looked up too, whether they realize it or not. Jesus died and is still protecting His bride.

No other quote Christian orginaztions are going to be Christ’s bride. Only the church!!

So, if the chruch is Christ’s bride then why is it that the American chruch has gone so astray?? It is because we have forgotten that the chruch is the bride of Christ.

So when the chruch promotes articles like “Men Prefer Debt-Free Virgins Who are Tattoo less” how is that being the bride of Christ?? It’s NOT!!!! Christ came to save the sinners and save them from their sins, the chruch can NOT go around saying that no good Christian guy will marry a debt full, non virgin who gas tatoos. It is ridiculous to even mention something like that!!

We ALL need salvation, no matter what you have done in your life, Christ offers free salvation and mercy. You don’t have to live in your past any more if Christ has forgiven you. So when the church starts to tell people that they are not good enough to be loved by a good, godly man I get really mad. No one in the church is to important for salvation and don’t need it!!! Not one!!! So if you ever have had someone in the church tell you, you aren’t good enough do NOT listen to them. They are in a worse place then you are just from saying that. God offers free salvation to anyone including the liars and dirty cheats of the world. God loves everyone the same. He does NOT pick favorites. He loves you, for you. He sent His one and only son to die on the cross for YOU!!! He loves you so, so much!!!

The church is suppose to be a hospital for the hurt and broken, not a place for a bunch of “saints” to meet and outcast the hurting. If we do that we are more like the Pharisees than Jesus. Guys, it is so sad to see how far the church of America has come. We need to pray for the church, America, and the world. We MUST pray and do the work that God has called us to do.

 “Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.” Matthew 28:19-20

God has given us the Holy Spirit to give us the strength and words that we need. Don’t let the devil’s lies keep you from pursuing that calling that God has placed in your life!!

Let me leave on this note. Corrie Ten Boom once said,

“Worry does not empty tomorrow of its sorrow, it empties today of its strength.”

“Never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known God.”

Don’t worry and fear the future or even what your purpose in life is. God is sovereign and knows everything. He will take care of you. He loves you and everything that happens is in His perfect Will!!

I know I mentioned this in the beginning but I really recommend listening to the sermon above. It is very powerful and amazing!!

Till next time

Abigail Harder

11 thoughts on “THE CHURCH

      1. You’re welcome!!! 😁😁❤
        This is totally unrelated, but I must ask…….
        So I followed you on Pinterest and I saw that you have a Star Wars board (👏👏👊❤ Trained well, you have been.) And I saw that you saved the pin of Finn and Rey holding hands. Please tell me this means your a Finnrey shipper.

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      2. Ahh, I see. I’m glad you’re not totally opposed to the idea. Becuase all I can find is Reylo shippers 😒 I’m not crazy about that otp, but that’s just my opinion. But we’ll see how it all ends up 😂😂
        Thanks for answering my crazy, off the wall question!!

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  1. I notice typos a lot and I happened to notice at one point you wrote gas instead of has. It is so annoying when you mistype and it’s a real word.
    (that all being said I once noticed a hte in a published book)


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