In Women’s Bible Study at my church we are going through ‘Discerning the Voice of God’ by Priscilla Shirer. Last Wednesday, we were going through the attributes and names of God. We may have listed 50 names in the hour that we talked about it. In that hour I realized how amazing our God is! Yes I did know how amazing our God was before but seeing just a few of His names and attributes written down blew me away. 

We hardly even scratched the surface of His names and attributes!! There were at least twenty women talking and naming names and attributes and we only, maybe, scratched the surface. There are so many times that we take God for granted or doubt Him. But we have an uncomprehendable God that I can’t even begin to describe. It is hard for me to even come up with words to describe our God!! He is……so many different things I don’t even know where to start! 

It saddens my heart so much to see how far away not only the world has gone astray but the also the church! We are suppose to be the witnesses of the Light yet the American church has fallen asleep and now following the world in more than one way. I see it everywhere in America how far we have gone away from God. We have forgotten and turned aside from the most Magnificent thing that could ever happen to us.

The God that created this world wants to be in His family. He wants to be in a relationship with US!! If He didn’t love us then He wouldn’t have sent Christ to be the Sacrifal Atonement. Christ would NOT have died if God didn’t want us. He LOVES us and wants us. He doesn’t need us, we NEED Him. We are blind sheep without Him. We are sinners and don’t deserve everything He has given us yet we have FREE salvation through Christ’s death on the cross. 

Many people, including “Christians” today make fun of the Gospel and Jesus. I have seen it first hand. It makes me heart ache for the broken and lost people in our world!! Satan is not willing to give up so neither are we. We are to go and make disciples of all nations. (Matthew 28:19) We are the messengers of the Gospel. We are to share our testimonies, and pray for those we know that aren’t saved. Prayers change lives. 

The American church needs to wake up and start acting like the church again. We are suppose to be examples of Christ. We are called to be Righteous and Wise yet, if you look at most “Christians” today you can’t even tell a difference between them and their non-christian neighbors. The church today is suppose to be the continuation of the first church in Acts. If Acts had a part 2 we would be in it. So why don’t we start acting like it?! 

We serve an amazing God. As I mentioned before, we can’t even start to describe how awesome our God is!! We can only strengthen our relationships with Him to know Him more. We need to be praying and reading the Bible daily. That is how we grow in our relationship with Him. Our relationship with God is like any human relationship. It takes two to form a strong, healthy relationship. I am guilty of not picking up my side of the relationship. I then doubt that Godis there because I dont feel anything but that is because I only go to Him when I’m in a tough spot. Will you with me strive to grow in our relationships with God so that we are the people that God has created us to be? Will you strive with me to become Men of Valor and Women of Noble Character? Will you pray with me that the church in America wakes up and see our need for Christ? Will you pray with me that there will be a revival in America and that we would become a God fearing nation? 

Prayers work guys!! Even if we dont see it before we die, we WILL make an impact, even it is very tiny, on this world if we pursue to be Christ-like. God will use you. Even if you don’t know your talents or spiritual gift that’s okay. I am still learning myself. God will show you in due time. His timing is PERFECT!!! 

I could go on for another few hours but I’ll save that for another time. I hope you enjoyed this! Down below I am going to attach a POWERFUL video that I recommend ya’ll watch. It is 11 minutes but it goes through the entire Bible and says all the names of God. It brings me to tears every time I watch it. I may or may not have listened/wacthed it five times while doing this…..😂

The video won’t upload so just click this link to watch it on Youtube: He Is: (The Names of God)


5 thoughts on “NAMES & ATTRIBUTES OF GOD

  1. Hi there, Abigail! I’ve been following your blog for a while now, and today you’ve written a great post. It’s sad and striking that this is true. The world has all but forgotten its Creator, and that’s why it’s our job as Christians to spread His word. You’re right; it’s time for people everywhere to wake up and see His glory!

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