*cough* It’s more like 11 days of Christmas because I forgot to publish this yesterday, so I will have TWO blog posts coming out today!! Yesterday was the day that we start singing 12 Days of Christmas. *starts humming 12 Day of Christmas song* This means that I need to start buying people presents because I am a last minute gift shopper. Don’t ask me why, I do this but I do it every year……it’s a problem. 😂

So because I love books so much, I decided that I would give a 12 Christmas books recommendation. Let’s see if I can even come up with 12 books to recommend y’all. It’ll be a miracle if I can!! 

  1. Behold by Faith Potts  (My Review)
  2. His Law is Love by Rebekah Morris (My review)
  3. O Come All Ye Faithful: and other short stories by Faith Blum (My review)
  4. Esther Ashton’s New Dress by Kellyn Roth (My review)
  5. A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens 
  6. Silent Night: The Remarkable Christmas Truce of 1914 by Stanley Weintraud
  7. Red Boots by Kate Willis 
  8. Letters from Father Christmas by C.S Lewis 
  9. Catching Christmas by Terri Blackstock 
  10. Emmanuel by Angela Watts 
  11. Mandie and Joe’s Christmas Surprise by Lois Gladys Leopard 
  12. Silent Star by Tracie Peterson

Okay so maybe I havent read all of these but I’ve heard great things about them and a few of these are written by some of my indie author friends so you all should really look into reading these Christmas stories!! I know I can’t wait to read some of them…….😂

I hope to have day 2 of the 12 days of Christmas out later today! 


Have you read any of these books? What are some Christmas books you are looking forward to reading this Christmas season?


  1. Lovely post! Thanks for recommending my book. 🙂 I’ve read the first 7 of your books, and liked them. Then I read “Catching Christmas” and didn’t like it. But I’ve got plenty of other Christmas books I do like and/or want to read this year. Too many to list here. 😉

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