Yay, yay, yay, another tag!! I seriously LOVE doing these things!!! They are so much fun! 😄  Because I can’t wait anymore, let’s jump right into this amazing book tag!  Rules: Thank and link back to the person who tagged you                                                                    My friend Jenna, the creator of this tag, nominated me, so thank you Jenna!!  Link back to the creator of the Tag at least five … Continue reading THE SWEET-TOOTH BOOK TAG


This is not going to be like my usual blog tour posts, today you will not hear from me but the lovely author of Seek, Angela Watts. So without further ado, introducing Angela Watts!  The Preachy Fiction Phobia And Why We Need To Stop It Most writers will tell you to be weary of Christian fiction that is too preachy. A preachy novel is basically one where there is and influx of Biblical information that does not fit in the plot or dialogue, and the characters might burst into Scripture passages just to make sure the author gets their theme … Continue reading SEEK BY ANGELA WATTS//BLOG TOUR