Thank you, Jenna, for tagging me this tag sounds like so much fun!


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Let’s Begin

1.) How many books do you own?

I own 384 books on my shelf and that is with me getting rid of books in a garage sale recently.

2.) What is your favorite wintery read?

Any book really. I am not a seasonal reader so I read any book during any season, lol.

3.) Are you one of those people who dog-ear???

*glares* Absolutely NOT! I despise dog earing pages. It ruins the page. The page now has a higher risk of being torn. Dog earing pages is the worse thing you can do to your book.

4.) Favorite Author?

I am going to go with my top 5 authors (if I can even do that…..)

1.) Laura Frantz

2.) Karen Barnett

3.) J.R.R Tolkien

4.) C.S Lewis

5.) Tracie Peterson

*cough* Melanie Dickerson *cough*

I want to add so many more authors but I’ve already given too many…..

5.) Favorite reading drink?

Um……..I don’t really drink while reading but if I had to pick either ice tea or hot chocolate. Now that depends on the season, lol.

6.) What does your dream personal library look like?

My dream library would be having every single Christian fiction book that I have read and loved. My wallet wouldn’t love me but could you imagine owning nearly all the Christian fiction books?! 😍 It would kinda look like Lindsey’s book shelves from BFCG or Alysha from For the Love of Christian fiction. They own so many Christian Fiction books, it’s amazing!!

7.) What book would you love to be turned into a movie?

Um, if I was the producer, director, and casting director I would choose any Melanie Dickerson books. BUT I – or someone else who loves her books as much as I – would have to be in charge and we would create the movie to perfectly represent the books. xD







And you! If you feel like doing this tag then take it and do it! You are officially tagged. πŸ˜‰


1.) What is one genre you could do without?

2.) What is your favorite part about reading?

3.) How many books do you own?

4.) How many books are on your to-be-bought list?

5.) How many books are on your TBR?

6.) What is one cliche that you love?

7.) Who are your top 10 favorite authors?


I hope y’all enjoyed this tag. I know I sure did! Be sure to tell me in the comments below if you are going to do this or you could even tell me your own answers to the questions above!

Till next time,


16 thoughts on “THE 7 QUESTION BOOK TAG

  1. Ahh, I’m way behind on tags so I’m just gonna answer here…
    1. Romance… Once in a while it’s done well and I’ve had a few little ships (#JALEX 😍)…but picking up any given historical fiction at the library and finding out the plot is to get the heroes to kiss is not my cup of tea. πŸ™ƒ
    2. Losing myself in a storyworld, making friends I’ll never meet and falling in love with characters that don’t exist. πŸ˜‚
    3. Ha! Almost a full bookshelf, not counting the family bookshelf or Kindle…I’d hate to count. πŸ˜†
    4. It’s probably for everyone’s good I don’t have an actual list…
    5. Uhh…apparently I don’t keep perfect track of this stuff? Plus, I tend to intersperse my new books with rereads…
    6. I don’t know if this is clichΓ© but this is what I always say…the brave young hero saves the day. πŸ₯°
    7. AHH WHAT… In no order…
    Douglas Bond, Joe Wheeler, Kate McCord, Katie Davis Majors, Ryana Lynn Miller, Corrie ten Boom, Brother Andrew, Travis Thrasher, Angie Thompson, Chris Fabry.

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