I am back with an author interview with Kaitlyn the author of Beloved. If you haven’t already, you can go check out my review to Faith’s book, Freedom.


A reason to live is your story is not over. Your story really is not over. God has amazing plans for you. I know that it may not seem that way in this moment but just push through and give God your fears, worries, and anything else that is holding you down. God wants you to come running to Him. He wants to help you. He wants YOU. He loves you so much. He loves you more then you could ever imagine. So please don’t give up! This is not the end of your story, it’s only the beginning. 💕💕

Welcome to my blog, Kaitlyn. I am super excited to be featuring you on here today! Question #1: What made you decide to write a book on suicide awareness?

Honestly, it just kinda . . . happened? It wasn’t intentional; God gave me the story, and I wrote it as it came. Did it bother me to write about suicide? This sounds harsh and hard-hearted, but no. I never thought twice about it. God is going to use this story for His glory, and I’m humbled to be one of His instruments.

Wow, that’s amazing! It’s amazing to the places that God leads us. Question #2: What did your research process look like for Beloved?

Lots of Google, lots of frustrated sighs, and lots of messages to my EMT friend along the lines of “how can a person be drowned enough to be unconscious, yet able to function after a fairly short amount of time?” Seriously though, when you write about things you know basically nothing about, you’re going to make mistakes; it comes with the territory. This book’s facts, no matter how hard I worked on them, will probably be somewhat wrong. But I’m definitely thankful for the people who helped me make this as realistic as possible.

Question #3: What was your favorite thing about writing Beloved? What was the worse?

Favorite thing: probably the foster brothers. Authors who write about bantering siblings will probably tell you that it’s one of the very best things about writing. It’s fun, light, and makes people laugh. Another favorite would be simply seeing my progress. I’d never written a story longer than about 14 thousand words, so this was quite an adventure!

Worst thing . . . probably the final edit before the formatter. Sure, all the other edits were sometimes hard to get through, but once I sent that book to my formatter, there was no turning back. When I got a proof copy, there was a tiny time frame during which I trie to catch all the typos, but there’s always that undeniable fear that it won’t be up to standard. But you know what? God’s going to use this story, and if it has to be 100% perfect, then it’ll never get published. But God works through our imperfections, and that’s when the beauty really shines.

Amen to that! Our God is definitely amazing. Question #4: How long did it take you to write Beloved?

Just over a month. I started on (I think) the 26th of July, and I don’t remember when I stopped, but yeah, it was a little over a month. My daily goal was 1,000 words per day or more, and not to brag, but I totally crushed it. *flexes* *coughs* Yes, anyway.

Holy cow! That’s amazing!! My mind is blown that you wrote a book that quickly! Question #5: What are a few things that you would tell new writers when they are thinking about publishing? 

Do what God lays on your heart. Has He given you a story to give the world? Don’t let anyone stop you. Because when you’re doing what God calls you to do, even if it seems impossible . . . God will make a way.

Again amen to that! Okay this is our last and final question; If you could tell the world one thing, what would it be?

Jesus. He’s the answer. Trust Him. And let Him guide you.

Thank you so much for sharing about your book with us, Kaitlyn! If y’all haven’t already go check out Kaitlyn’s book. I will have links and stuff about the book down below!

About the Book

44092001. sy475

Life without love is hopeless.

Foster teen Cara Richards is unloved. With nothing left and nowhere to go, she is determined to find peace, no matter the cost. But despite her intentions, she’s tossed into another foster family and this time, there’s no going back to who she used to be. To make matters worse, one of her five new foster brothers is a Jesus freak, and she refuses to believe that God actually cares.

Her world is thrown upside down in a way she never expects. Though she prides herself on a resilient heart, her mind is lost adrift among a sea of questions: Is death really the answer? Does God care about someone as unworthy as me? Can everyone truly be loved, no matter what?


About the Author

Kaitlyn Krispense

Kaitlyn is a farmer’s daughter and a born-again believer in Christ with an obsession for books and music. It is these obsessions that led her to write her own stories. Psalm 46:10 gives her inspiration, her brothers make her laugh, and there’s nothing quite like the excitement of opening an unread book for the first time. Her passion is to share the steadfast love of her Savior through the writing that takes up much of her free time, whether actual writing takes place or writer’s block, in which case she’s probably browsing Pinterest.



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