I totally stole this tag from Deborah because um hello a Tolkien themed tag……….. YES PLEASE! Check out her post here.

Would You Rather

1.) Join Thorin’s Company or the Fellowship?

Image result for let me think on that for a second gif

Ummm the Fellowship duh! I love everyone in Thorin’s company but the Fellowship has always been my favorite.

Image result for lord of the ring fellowship gif

2.) Ride Shadowfax or an eagle?

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I have to say Shadowfax only because I have a deathly fear of heights so I think I would enjoy riding Shadowfax more than flying. ๐Ÿ˜‚

Image result for lord of the ring shadowfax gif

3.) Travel through Moria or Mirkwood?

Spiders or goblins………………..can I choose neither?!?!

Image result for shudder gif

I think I would choose Moria as long as Pippin doesn’t pull his stunt again and make the goblins alert that we are there!

Image result for lord of the ring moria gif

4.) Learn to make elvish rope or mithril chainmail?

Definitely mithril chainmail! I would love to be able to make it! Elvish rope is beautiful but this is more practical! xD

5.) Try to outwit Smaug or Saruman?

Image result for neither gif

How about neither??? I definitely could not out smart Smaug and as much as I wish I could pull an Eowyn and defeat Saruman but yeah nah. I would rather not. I’ll leave that to her!

Image result for lord of the rings I am no man gif

6.) Spend an hour with Grima Wormtongue or Denethor?

Image result for laughs then cries gif

Denethor…………….I guess. Seriously can I just say Aragorn and move on in life???

Image result for lord of the rings denethor gif

See! He even agrees!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

7.) Attend Faramir’s wedding or Samwise’s wedding?

Image result for decisions gif

Based on my movie knowledge (since I haven’t read the books in forever and I know that the movies slaughter Faramir’s character) I have to say Samwise’s marriage. I only hope all the members of the fellowship are there…..

Image result for lord of the rings sam and rose gif

8.) Have to care for the One Ring or the Arkenstone for a day?

Arkenstone because it is not a popular and sought after as the ring is so I am choosing the easy way out.

9.) Have tea with Bilbo or Frodo?

Image result for thinking gif

Frodo…..I feel like I could talk to him more than I could Bilbo.

Related image

10.) Fight alongside Boromir or Eomer?

Image result for sword fight gif

Please don’t hate me Boromir fans but I cannot stand him, however that is just me who has forgotten what he is like in the books so I may change my opinion on him when I re-read the books later this year. I have to say Eomer only because I don’t like Boromir…..but where is Aragorn in this choice? ๐Ÿ˜‰


I had way too much fun with this tag……๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ I love Lord of the Rings so I have a blast doing this tag. I have discovered that me re-reading Lord of the Rings for school cannot come soon enough! I probably could have given better answers based on that.



  1. You make me want to watch Lord of the Rings again… What a fun post! Also very glad no one’s asking me to answer these questions as I’m pretty sure most of them I’d want to pass on :p

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  2. 1. The Fellowship; there’s more variety
    2. Shadowflax, for the same reasons. I’m not a fan of heights
    3. Mirkwood. Gandalf “died” (NOT) in Moria, whereas no one was lost in Mirkwood
    4. Mithril Chainmail, for the same reasons
    5. Smaug. As a fan of riddles, I’d stand a chance against him xD
    6. Yikes, I can’t remember who Denethor or Grima are, and I recently watched the LotR movies and reread (yet again) the Hobbit…so…Idk?
    7. Samwise’s marriage, mostly because if you make it that far, you don’t have to worry about other threats lol
    8. Also, the Ring would corrupt you and turn you into Gollum, so yeah, I’d go with Arkenstone xD
    9. I’d say Bilbo. I’m a sucker for adventures, and something tells me Bilbo hasn’t shared all his adventures… O.o
    10. I agree. Aragorn (We can just rebel and create new, more desirable choices, like Aragorn lol)

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  3. Hi, Abigail! I found your blog through Jenna’s, and I love it!
    OOOH, A LORD OF THE RINGS TAG?!?!?! Yes, please! This fangirl is very happy. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Now I really want to do this. ๐Ÿ™‚ Great answers!

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