Veterans Day. Veterans Day is a really special day. It is the day that we remember and thank those who served and fought for our freedom. Veterans are the ones who suffered through many hardships for you and me. Some live everyday with vivid memories of war, most watched their fellow service men/women die. Veterans are some of the strongest people I know. They deserve so much recognition.

They faced more horrors than you and I could ever imagine facing. Most veterans are also some of the sweetest people you will ever meet. I had a World War 2 veteran at my old church back in Chicago, who was the sweetest old man you would ever meet. From stories I’ve heard, he’s gone through so much yet he still has the joy of life and God in his life.

When we were in DC last year, we went to Memorial Mall. While we were at the Vietnam War Memorial there were a bunch of Vietnam veterans. We thanked a bunch of them. One of the veteran’s daughter was with him. Not many young people are thanking veterans for their service so when we thanked him she nearly started crying. It both broke and warmed my heart so much.

These men put their lives on the line to keep us free. A little thank you will not only make their day but also yours. The joy on their faces is all you need. It fills my heart with so much happiness to see these men and women, who suffered so much, be happy. The smiles on their faces will make your day. Even the more grumpier veterans will appreciate your thanks. They may not say it aloud or let it show on their face, but I guarantee you deep down inside they were very appreciate of that thanks.

I want to challenge you today to go out of your way to say thank you to as many veterans that you can. Not only will it make your day, but most importantly it will make their day. Also even when it’s not Veteran’s Day say thank you to the veteran that you pass by while shopping or doing something else. A spontaneous thank you from someone always will make their day.

Everyone NEEDS to read this article. It’s amazing and is something that we should do daily for our veterans!!

My siblings with a WW2 veteran at the WW2 memorial in DC
My family with a Vietnam Veteran at the Vietnam Memorial in DC

This medley swells my heart with so much American pride. This is the best medley ever created. Warning: The video will make you cry! Every time I listen to it, I end up crying!!


  1. Quick question: when you encounter a veteran on Veteran’s Day, is there anything that you’re traditionally supposed to say? (Beyond, “Thank you for your service” which is something I generally do every time I encounter one, anyways)

    Just asking because I apparently know more veterans than I thought. One of my friends just made of several veterans that we see every Monday night at our church’s ESL program 😛

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    1. I honestly have no idea! I don’t think there is…..I think just saying thank you for your service and giving them a hand shake is significant enough……but again I don’t know……

      That’s really cool! We have quite a few veterans at my church now and in past churches. I feel if we actually take time to observe around us, we will see that we are surrounded by more veterans than we actually thought possible. I know this from my own experience, I’m not trying sound like I am calling you out of anything……

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      1. Hopefully it is O.O I’m the most social person I know, yet I’m super socially awkward and it’s REALLY hard to cover that up xD

        If you want to call me out, go ahead xD I’m just about the least observant person ever. I mostly just give up, because if I try to be observant, I look in the complete wrong places and draw entirely inaccurate conclusions, so I let other people do the observing for me 😛

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      2. I’m sure you’ll be fine! Most veterans don’t even get thanked because hardly anyone cares anymore. I’m sure whoever you thank will appreciate it!

        Lol, see I’m the opposite. Due to my introvertedness, I am the person who knows everyone’s names even if they don’t know mine because I sit back and watch people and listen to what other people call them. 😂

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      3. Awesome 😀 (The friend who made the list of veterans for me is one of the daughters of the one I knew served, and she referred to him as a veteran, so Ig I’m gonna consider him one lol)

        Knowing everyone’s names is really nice…I used to be able to do that, but I can’t anymore, I think a hundred friends make it difficult to keep up with :/

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      4. When I lived in Texas, there were two separate annual events that occurred each year, and since I lived RIGHT NEXT to the place that hosted these events, I always partook. I met hundreds of people there. Besides that, I’ve moved around a ton, thus I’ve gotten to meet many more people. Given how extroverted I am, it’s safe to say I consider many of them to be my friends xD


    2. Gonna butt into this conversation… 🙃 Always, always thank them, but stop and shake their hand too. Look them in the eye and thank them. And of course, on patriotic holidays like today (except Memorial Day), wish them a happy whatever holiday.

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