Y’all, we are in December. We have 17 days till 2019 is over…WHERE THE HECK DID THIS YEAR GO?! This year has flown by so quickly, I can hardly believe my eyes when I see the dates to be honest with y’all. This is going to be a bit of a longer post than most because I had to combine October and November because I am the blogger whom can’t keep track of her own schedule. *face palms*


October Books (15)

44308680. sy475
5 stars (Review)
44308688. sy475
5 stars (Review)
44308698. sy475
5 stars (Review)
30037877. sy475
5 stars (Review)
4 stars
Heart of a Royal (Daughters of Peverell Book 1) by [Currie, Hannah]
5 stars (Review)
43581979. sy475
5 stars
48355174. sy475
5 stars (Review)
48500529. sy475
5 stars
48502450. sy475
5 stars
25845273. sx318
3 stars
4 stars (Review)
46649489. sy475
5 stars (Review)
4 stars (Review)
42079122. sy475
5 stars (Review)

November Books (5)

4 stars
5 stars (Review)
5 stars (Review)
5 stars (Review)
5 stars

Blog Posts

October Blog Posts:

A Tolkien Blog PartyWhat’s Holding You Back?Receive//Book ReviewClose to You//Book ReviewSeptember Wrap UpWait for Me//Book ReviewAngel Gate//Blog TourDark Ambitions//Book ReviewMystery Blogger AwardMission Hollywood//Blog TourAiming for Love//Blog TourTattered Wings//Cover RevealStitches in Time//Book Review

November Blog Posts:

Clara’s Soldier//Book ReviewIntroduction to Patriotism WeekMy Top Patriotic Songs//Patriotism WeekWhy I Stand By The Military//Patriotism WeekRecommended Military Books Fiction & Non-Fiction//Patriotism WeekThey Were There//Patriotism WeekFearless//Book ReviewRevival in America Starts With You//Patriotism WeekVeteran’s Day//Military AppreciationProtecting Tanner Hollow//Book ReviewDeadly Deceit//Book Review

Writing + Nano Update

As many of you know, NanoWrimo (National Writing Month) was last month. I participated but only got 8,000 words in before life hit and I did not write anymore. I honestly did not mind losing this year only because I am happy with what I did get to write. I was proud that I even made it 8,000 words in last month. Other than writing for Nano, I have not written at all the last two months. We shall see how December is for my writing. I’m suppose to be getting Dalkeith back from my grandma sometime so I will be able to get working on that book soon…..Lord-willingly.


So this was my “quick” wrap up of October and November. I hope that y’all had an amazing Thanksgiving and remember that we only have 11 days till Christmas so we all will be getting another break from school soon! I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend.



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