We are one day away from February and I am not ready for this year to fly by again. I cannot believe that we are 31 days into 2020 already! Why must time speed up the older you get? It kinda stinks….anyway let’s jump into this wrap up post – the first in 2020!


I read 9 books in January which was more than I thought I would get done honestly.

5 stars (Review)
5 stars (Review)
4 stars (Review)
5 stars (Review)
4.5 stars (Review)
5 stars (Review)
5 stars (Review)
5 stars (Review)
5 stars

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I have (finally) started on my editing for Dalkeith, which I hope to finish sometime in February. We shall see if that actually happens though, I am the worst at editing, lol. I have quite a few scenes that I have already added that make the story better than it was before, but I think I can already say that book 2 may be better than book 1…book 1 is so mellow-dramatic and really cheesy right now….please send help! o.O I have definitely matured as a writer just in the last few months which is a positive thing but now I get to edit a 50,000+ word book….yay me.

And so January ends…

We’ve survived another January, y’all. We shall soon be seeing spring in the air and Lord-willing warmer weather, at least we will. Where I live, we get spring in March YAY!! No more winter!


How was y’all’s January’s? How is 2020 going for you so far? What would you like to see more on this blog? Let me hear your thoughts!

2 thoughts on “JANUARY 2020 WRAP UP

  1. I’m really curious about the River of Time series– love the concept and the titular pun (always gotta appreciate a good pun, though I have a feeling it’s much more than just that), but I want to know your thoughts! What parts of it do you think I’d like? 😆

    I’m SO SO excited to read Dalkeith… You can do this thing! ❤️ And hey, it’s better for a sequel to be better than a first book than to be worse, right? Though I’m not gonna compare them yet, lol.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hmmm…well it is set during Medieval Italy and it has a lot of action in it that keeps you on the edge of your seat. It also has some romance but I know everyone is different on that aspect of books, lol. Honestly that’s about the book, lol….😂

      Thank you!!!!! 💕 Exactly, but we shall see how everything turns out!


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