With Valentine’s Day two days away, I totally did not mean to write a post based on romance yet here we are. I honestly could do without Valentine’s Day, but I’m also single so that may change if/when I get a boyfriend but who honestly knows, lol. Any who….as many of you know, I love books that have romance. I am a romantic at heart so naturally I love reading books and watching movies that have romance. Though I love pretty much any type of romance tropes there are a few that are higher on my list than others and that is what I am going to share about today!

5.) Time Travel Romance

I’m looking at you River of Time Series, this trope I love so much but it’s so hard to find books with this trope in them. I wish more Christian Fiction writers would write time travel novels. If y’all have any recs hit me up!

4.) Brother’s Best Friend

I need more Christian Fiction contemporary that have this trope, I think I have only read this in general market, but it is such a cute trope. It’s almost like friends to lovers but it has other elements because it’s almost forbidden depending on who the older brother it. Seriously though I need Christ recs if you have them!

3.) Royalty Romance

I adore this trope…I love books that have a prince that falls in love with the commoner or maid. I love books like Heart of a Royal where the girl is a lifelong friend of the prince and they fall in love and have to fit against laws to be together. Ugh! I am always up for a good royal romance!

2.) Hate to Love romance

Hate to love….enemies to lovers…I ADORE this trope. Romances like Anne’s and Gilbert’s and Elizabeth’s and Darcy’s make me swoon. I NEED more books with this trope. Anne and Gilbert’s romance is something that I will forever swoon over. I LOVE their relationship so much. Please can we have more of these type of romances in literature?!

1.) Letters

Some of y’all are probably like ‘Abigail, what is the matter with you? How is letters a romance trope?’ Just hear me out, I am the person who wishes that couples still wrote letters to one another, sure we have phones and texting is “like” letter but it’s not the same. I personally feel like when you write a letter to someone is means more because you take more time to pour over a letter than you do a text.

Romances like Mellie’s and Tom’s from With Every Letter is one of my favorites because they fall in love with each other over letters and don’t even know what the other looks like. I just LOVE that! I also love Yours Truly, Thomas because though Thomas and Penny didn’t fall in love over letters like Mellie and Tom, letters still started their whole relationship.

Seriously I would die if this is how I meet me husband or if we just communicate through letters. I want someone to write me letters, lol. My parents think I’m crazy but I just love the idea so much and I feel like we’ve lost the significance of letter writing to a quick text. Letters are more personal, sentimental, and romantic than a text.

So there we have it folks, my top 5 tropes. I kinda got off on a rant about letters but it needed to be said, lol. I hope y’all enjoyed this. I really enjoyed throwing it together for y’all!

What are some of your favorite tropes? Do you agree with some of mine? What are your opinions on letters?

14 thoughts on “MY TOP 5 ROMANCE TROPES

  1. Love, love, love the letters trope! There’s something significant to be shown in falling in love with someone’s words before you ever seen their face. ❀

    Lovely post!

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  2. LETTERS!!!!! Oh, I am so with you there! I love romances with letters in them, especially when the couple fall in love via the letters without quite knowing who each other are – You’ve got Mail, A Noble Masquerade (Kristi Ann Hunter), PS. I Like You (Kasie West). They’re so adorable!!

    Also, yes! To all the others πŸ™‚ How good is River of Time!!! Love that series. I found it just over a year ago and have already read it three times.

    Anyway, totally supposed to be writing right now so that you can have more royal romances… :p Made me smile that that one made your list πŸ˜€


    On Thu, 13 Feb 2020 at 05:52, Books, Life, and Christ wrote:

    > Abigail Harder posted: ” With Valentine’s Day two days away, I totally did > not mean to write a post based on romance yet here we are. I honestly could > do without Valentine’s Day, but I’m also single so that may change if/when > I get a boyfriend but who honestly knows, lol. An” >

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    1. Yess! The letter trope is so much fun!!! I love the series so much! I’m glad to find another fan!! Please do write more, lol!! I NEED all the next book in the series. I must find out what happens!!! 😍πŸ₯°πŸ’•



    Hate-to-love is SO much fun if it's done well xD Tbh, I like any romance trope if it's done well. πŸ˜‰ If it makes me ship those characters– which is what slow-slow-slow burn does.

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