February is Fantasy Month 2

Guess who is super behind on a bunch of tags *points at myself* This girl! So this tag was suppose to be done in February, because it’s consider Fantasy month, but like the pirating troll I am, I am not only stealing this tag but also doing it in the wrong month. So let’s jump into this!


  • Thank the blogger who tagged you. *whispers* I stole this from Elizabeth
  • Include the graphic somewhere in you post (or create your own)!
  • Link back to the blog that started the tag somewhere in your post.
  • Answer the questions honestly.
  • Tag a few blogger friends and let them know they’ve been tagged!
  • Have Fun!!

Let’s Begin

1.) In a strange twist of fate, you are transported into a fantasy realm of your choice. The catch? You have also been transformed into your least favorite fantasy creature. Where are you, and what are you?

A fantasy realm of my choice….oh my this is going to be hard. I have so many that I love; Middle Earth, Narnia, The Troevia Realm (my own fantasy realm! xD), Anniera (from The Wingfeather Saga), Malaano Empire (from Emberhawk), and Tir (from The Weaver Trilogy). I think I would choose The Troevia Realm only because I would get to see my babies, but I wouldn’t mind going to any of these places.

I would have to go as a vampire though….why must I go as a sticken vampire?! I despise those things so much! They are the worst, but it would be with my babies, I would suffer through!

2.) What fantasy creature do you wish featured in more stories? What is your favorite story that has that creature in it?

I would say nymphs…we do not see these creatures enough I feel. I love them in Narnia and Percy Jackson, they are so amazing and I wish there were more in fantasy!

3.) As you are reading this, a voice rings in your ear proclaiming:

A hero true, a leader strong,
A quest is where you do belong,
So arm thyself, and take your stand
With an item to your left your fate is at hand.

Besides the fact that this prophetic voice is clearly incapable of sticking to a meter, what ordinary item do you now find yourself armed with? (And, for bonus points, what helpful magical properties does it now possess that will help you on your quest?)

Ummm….ummm…um…..maybe a sword?? But I think I would honestly end up killing myself before killing anything else. I am not a kick-butt girl, more like a laid back nerd….honestly my first thought was a book, but honestly what the heck would I do with a book?!

Wait I know, it’s a magic book and anything that I read from it, it happens. So if I say that the dragon was slain, then it will be slain. Ha!

4. You happen across an ad in a catalogue promising a magical fantasy cruise that will allow you to stop in any three realms of your choice and explore each for several days before returning you home (and the ad promises your safe return or your money back, guaranteed!) Assuming this is not a hoax and that the tour guides will actually be able to cater to your requests, what three realms will you tour and what do you hope to see/who would you like to meet along the way?

  1. Middle Earth: I would LOVE to see The Whole Fellowship, Faramir, and Ewoyn.
  2. Tir: Tawen and Mor
  3. Anniera: All the Wingfeathers INCLUDING Janner! And the O’Sally’s my word that family cracks me up!! xD

5.) Congratulations! You are a fantasy hero/heroine about to start your adventure. You get to choose a small fantasy creature to accompany and assist you on your quest. Who/what do you choose?

I would want a pixie, because they can talk to me and they can do a lot of things to help me, like be a spy on my enemies! 😉

6. Elves or dwarves?

I really like both, but I would have to say elves only because I would LOVE to meet an elf….but they both are amazing!

7. Do you prefer your dragons (we had to have at least one question devoted solely to dragons!) good or evil or a mix of both?

Good, definitely good. However, I loved what Anne Elizabeth Stengl did with her dragon int he Tale of Goldstone Wood series, he was an amazing antagonist!

8.) World building is a complicated undertaking full of many details. As a reader, what is a small detail you really appreciate seeing when it comes to diving into a new realm? What is something that helps you lose yourself in a fantasy world?

I love seeing unique plants, animals, and people in various realms. I strive to make my fantasy unique in my series, but it is really difficult at times so I really admire fantasy writers who are able to craft a unique realm.

9. You have been transformed into your favorite fantasy creature. Problem is… you’re still in your own bedroom and your family is downstairs, completely unprepared for this shock. What creature are you, and how (if at all) do you break the news to your loved ones? (Or how do you get out of your room?)

Well it’s a good thing that my favorite fantasy creature is a pixie because I’m small, so I can still get out of places, lol. I honestly don’t know how I would tell my family…that would be the weirdest thing EVER!


I had a lot of fun doing this tag! Instead of tagging certain people, this tag is open to anyone who wants to be a troll with me, lol. I hope y’all enjoyed this and you can bet your bottom dollar that there are a lot more tags that will be coming out in the next few weeks! 🙂

8 thoughts on “FANTASY “MONTH” BLOG TAG

  1. Super fun tag!! OOH YES, I would totally pick to go to Middle-earth! My favorite fantasy realm ever. I would have a VERY hard time deciding between Tir, Anniera, and Narnia for the rest of my trips! 😀

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  2. I love these ‘interviews’ you do! They’re always such fun 🙂


    On Wed, 18 Mar 2020 at 20:39, Books, Life, and Christ wrote:

    > Abigail Harder posted: ” Guess who is super behind on a bunch of tags > *points at myself* This girl! So this tag was suppose to be done in > February, because it’s consider Fantasy month, but like the pirating troll > I am, I am not only stealing this tag but also doing it in the” >

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