Everywhere you go conservative people talk about how if we get a certain guy in office, or kick out the liberals we can take back America but none of that is going to help unless we change ourselves. Revival in America is not going to happen until we take a good look at ourselves and see our need for God. Our country will NEVER change unless we change. Unless the church wakes up and starts standing for the truth. It does not matter what the Supreme Court says is right. They are mere men and women. Just 154+ years ago … Continue reading REVIVAL IN AMERICA STARTS WITH YOU//PATRIOTISM WEEK


Saying yes to God is usually the hardest yes we will ever say. We are giving up our own dreams and plans for His. I know that, at least for myself, I say out loud that I would say yes to God and go wherever He calls me, yet I have that awful faith crimpling thing called fear. I have that small voice in my head called doubt. We all struggle with wanting to say yes to God but when God asks us to do something we either flat out say no or we just ignore Him hoping He will … Continue reading WHAT’S HOLDING YOU BACK?


So here is my promised Saturday post. As I mentioned before, I am participating in an amazing blog party that is spreading the word of God’s Greatness! My friend, Julia, started this whole thing. There also is a giveaway so go check out Julia’s post!!  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Holiness of God is something that no one should tamper with. The Holiness of God is something that people like N.T Wright, a universalist, twist and redefine. The Holiness of God is one of the many things that sets our God apart from all the other “gods” in our world. exalted or worthy of complete … Continue reading GOD’S HOLINESS


It’s Resurrection Sunday, y’all! I am participating in an amazing blog party that is spreading the word of God’s Greatness! My friend, Julia, started this whole thing and I am super excited to not only be sharing today but also on Saturday, the 27th, so be sure to keep y’all’s eyes open for that! There also is a giveaway so go check out Julia’s post!! 😀 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Today is the day that our Lord and Savoir raised from the dead. I don’t know about you, but I love this day. This is the day that Christ conquered sin and death. … Continue reading RESURRECTION SUNDAY & MY TESTIMONY


This is going to be a little bit different then my other 12 Days of Christmas blog posts. Guys we only have 9 days left till Christmas!! *starts freaking out because I haven’t bought a single present*  Joy, a word we hear so much during the Christmas season, but does it really hold any meaning? As Christians, we are called to be joyful. The word joy is mentioned roughly around 218 times in the Bible. The book of Philippians, which is written by Paul, it mentions joy or rejoice 16 times.  Now Paul, he did NOT have the easiest life.  2 … Continue reading 12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS//JOY

Church a Light?

Originally posted on Lady Grace ~ a quiet & gentle spirit:
What is the use of a lamp-stand if there is no light to shine from it? In the book of Revelation, the churches are referred to somewhere as lamp-stands, and it got me thinking … Do our churches in this day and age lift up Christ high and shine a light for miles in every direction? Or are they glorified, but empty, lamp-stands; taking in ideas and thoughts, but not spreading the Message outward into the world? I’ve heard some Christian speakers say: “The Church in America is more influenced… Continue reading Church a Light?


In Women’s Bible Study at my church we are going through ‘Discerning the Voice of God’ by Priscilla Shirer. Last Wednesday, we were going through the attributes and names of God. We may have listed 50 names in the hour that we talked about it. In that hour I realized how amazing our God is! Yes I did know how amazing our God was before but seeing just a few of His names and attributes written down blew me away.  We hardly even scratched the surface of His names and attributes!! There were at least twenty women talking and naming … Continue reading NAMES & ATTRIBUTES OF GOD


  Again I forgot about Favorite Author Mondays, I am super sorry!! However, today I felt God lay it on my heart to write a blog post based on the sermon my pastor gave on Sunday. So here we go! The original sermon can be found here, Isn’t She Gorgeous? I HIGHLY recommend listening to it. It is only 37 minutes long and is super powerful! Whether you are male or female fairytales resonate passionate feelings in you. For women, it is wanting to be found beautiful, exquisite, and rare; so much so, that someone would fight dragons and villains, … Continue reading THE CHURCH


Good day chaps, so today I decided to research the differences between courting and dating. As I was researching, I decided to share my findings and thoughts on this subject. Courting vs dating, the age old question most Christian teens ask themselves these days. Now most of you may be thinking ‘oh this is an easy one. Definitely courting!’ But today I am here to possible change your minds… I’m kidding I’m just going to rant about the differences between the two and give you MY personal preference on this subject. Just so you know, my mom and I have … Continue reading COURTING VS DATING “RANT”