We are in the third month of 2019 already y’all. I really want spring to hurry it’s butt up and get here soon. I love warm weather and this cold weather is getting on my nerves. 😂 I have read 18 books this month and I could not be more excited. As of this week, I started a new blog schedule so you will be seeing more organization in blog posts from now on. You can learn more about that here. Let’s jump into my February wrap up post! Books Writing I have not touched Dalkeith this month. It has … Continue reading FEBRUARY WRAP UP


We are in the second month of 2019 y’all. And it is so cold, you freeze if you walk outside. Where I live we were impacted the worst by the polar vortex and it was -52 with the wind chill on Wednesday. It was so cold! I have read 14 books this month and I could not be more excited. In February, I will be having a few reviews come out so keep y’all’s eyes open for those. Let’s jump into my January wrap up post! Books Writing This month I finished writing Dalkeith and I honestly could not be … Continue reading JANUARY WRAP UP

2018 WRAP UP

Um……….how the heck is 2018 over?! Literally it blows my mind. This past year has actually been a decent year other then the fact that it flew by too quickly for my liking. *sighs* But I guess that just how it is the older I get. So 2018 was a year full of fun times, hardships, amazing books, meeting new people, and so much more! Books This may take awhile because I read 100 books in 2018……so I think I’ll just list them. I won’t put you through the torture of having to look at every single book cover. January: … Continue reading 2018 WRAP UP


  Man of man have I been busy this month. In between VBS, volunteering at my local library, hanging out with friends, and doing lot’s of family things, I’ve had almost no time to read and write. I was part of Camp Nanowrimo and I literally didn’t even meet my 5,000 word goal. I was 1,000 words away……yeah, it was bad. I hope to finally conquer a Nanowrimo this November. So as I mentioned above I have had no time lately to read so I only read two books this month….TWO BOOKS PEOPLE!! I need to pick up my game … Continue reading JULY WRAP UP!


  This was my first month blogging on my own blog, so I am asking for your forgiveness for all the old book reviews that I have been posting! 😂 This month has been very productive and busy for me. I had driver’s ed and physical therapy. I also had VBS one week at my friend’s church. I got my permit on Friday and have started driving. I have also read some amazing books! I hope to read more books this month!   Books Read in June: This month I have read a totally of 7 books. I will include my … Continue reading JUNE WRAP UP!