What kind of legacy are you leaving behind? Death is inevitable for every human being on the face of planet earth. There is not one human living today that will be another gravestone sitting in a cemetery. We all are going to die at one point in our lives, whether we want to or not. Even though we all are going to die, not all of us are living life like we are. As a culture, we are living like we are never going to die. We push the thought away and live our lives for ourselves. However, none of … Continue reading LEGACY BUILDERS

Welcome to Tales of the Lonely Sun!

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Hello and welcome! Tales of the Lonely Sun is a blog for writers and readers who want to celebrate the light that literature can spread rather than the darkness that is so prevalent in today’s world. It is run by Carlye Krul, Merie Shen, Jorja Ayres, and Mya Gray. We are all teenagers, followers of Jesus, avid readers, and fiction writers. You can expect posts about writing and reading as well as author interviews/guest posts twice a week. To help you get to know us better, we put together this ten-question Q&A:… Continue reading Welcome to Tales of the Lonely Sun!


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REMEMBER. Whether you are an American and are mourning the tragedy that occurred on 9/11/01, or you live in another country and this event is foreign to you, I encourage us all to take a day and remember our pasts. History is weighed heavy with tragedies… most of them so “far away” we grow numb to them. Do not grow numb. Do not forget. History is very much alive because we are currently making it. There is wisdom to be found from the past. And I don’t know about you guys, but this world… Continue reading REMEMBER BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE