Hehehehe, the time has come for me to answer ya’lls assumptions about me! I cannot wait to get started but first I want to thank every single one of you that told me some of your assumptions. It was scary how accurate a lot of y’all were. My mom has always told me, I am an open book. 😉 From Elizabeth: 1.) You are sweet Awww, I would love to think I am! Y’all are really suppose to give me that answer, lol. 😉 2.) You are a hard worker Yes, I am but I am also a member of … Continue reading YOUR ASSUMPTIONS ABOUT ME//ANSWERED


I saw this on Jenna’s blog and I really wanted to do this so here I am asking y’all what are some of your assumptions about me. Don’t be shy! Please give me as many of them as you can think of!! I will be posting my answers next Wednesday! I am really interested to see what y’alls assumptions are of me! I am really excited to do this!! 😀 Continue reading WHAT ARE YOUR ASSUMPTIONS ABOUT ME?


I am three followers away from hitting 100!! I am so happy! Because I have nearly reached this milestone I decided that I would open up for room for a Q & A. Ask me below any questions that y’all want to know about me. Please keep it appropriate and nothing TOO personal (example: nothing about like my social security number. xD) I was thinking about doing it on YouTube like Penny did, but I’m not sure if I will do it. *shrugs* Tell me what y’all think below. I also am going to be hosting a giveaway and collabing … Continue reading ASK ME QUESTIONS!!


So if you know me, you know I tend to keep out of all things political because of differences of views that I know people hold but on this matter I will NOT be silent. Congress is trying to make vaccinations MANDATORY for everyone. Um… I believe that people should get their kids vaccinated. I am currently taking microbiology and biochemistry and learned about some terrible diseases out there. However, I know that everybody is different. I personally know people who aren’t vaccinated and I hold NOTHING against them. I am not here to try and force you to chance … Continue reading LISTEN UP, CONGRESS