I am going to talk about my writing this post, because why not I am out of all other ideas. I honestly have no idea how I am going to do for the next eight posts……..*cringes*  My writing:  This year in March, I was hit with an idea for a new book. I would love to say that it has come along good, but I am still a new and wanna be writer who has no order to my life at all. The past nine months have been full of plot developing, character developing, wishing I was writing, actually writing, … Continue reading 12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS//WRITING


This is going to be a little bit different then my other 12 Days of Christmas blog posts. Guys we only have 9 days left till Christmas!! *starts freaking out because I haven’t bought a single present*  Joy, a word we hear so much during the Christmas season, but does it really hold any meaning? As Christians, we are called to be joyful. The word joy is mentioned roughly around 218 times in the Bible. The book of Philippians, which is written by Paul, it mentions joy or rejoice 16 times.  Now Paul, he did NOT have the easiest life.  2 … Continue reading 12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS//JOY


Yes, I did it. I finally got one of these out on time!! Now let’s jump into my top ten Christmas movies since there is only ten days left till Christmas! If you want to read my last two blog posts you can click here for Day #1 and here for Day #2 Without further ado, let’s begin! 😀  ELF  Who doesn’t love Elf? This will forever be my all time favorite Christmas movie!!  Come on, who can’t love Will Ferrell as an elf? This is probably one of my favorite movies of all time and not just around Christmas … Continue reading 12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS//CHRISTMAS MOVIES


I really do stink at this don’t I?? I am STILL  day behind and I failed my promise to you……*hides and cries* Well, here’s my promised blog post, please just ignored that this is coming out today and not yesterday.  If you missed my last blog post, you can click here to go read it but without further ado here is  my promised blog post.  I am going to list my top 11 Christmas songs. This is not going to include the classic Christmas music because there is no way I can pick my top 11.😂 While You Were Sleeping … Continue reading 12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS//CHRISTMAS MUSIC


*cough* It’s more like 11 days of Christmas because I forgot to publish this yesterday, so I will have TWO blog posts coming out today!! Yesterday was the day that we start singing 12 Days of Christmas. *starts humming 12 Day of Christmas song* This means that I need to start buying people presents because I am a last minute gift shopper. Don’t ask me why, I do this but I do it every year……it’s a problem. 😂 So because I love books so much, I decided that I would give a 12 Christmas books recommendation. Let’s see if I can … Continue reading 12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS//CHRISTMAS BOOKS