So the world has totally flipped upside down due to the Coronavirus this last month and that is why I have pretty much all but neglected my blog, for which I am extremely sorry. WordPress has been acting up and refusing to work with me lately so I’ve hardly gotten out any posts because of that too. I totally had my whole February wrap up post finished but then WordPress deleted it, and I was so annoyed that I just waiting till now. *face palms* However, I will try and attempt to get posts out on time the rest of … Continue reading FEBRUARY + MARCH WRAP UP


We are one day away from February and I am not ready for this year to fly by again. I cannot believe that we are 31 days into 2020 already! Why must time speed up the older you get? It kinda stinks….anyway let’s jump into this wrap up post – the first in 2020! Books I read 9 books in January which was more than I thought I would get done honestly. Blog Posts On Wings of Devotion Book Review – The Way of the Brave Book Review – The Duke’s Refuge Book Review – The Thief of Lanwyn Hall … Continue reading JANUARY 2020 WRAP UP

HELLO 2020, GOODBYE 2019

Y’all we have made it to 2020 (plus three weeks since I’m super late). 2019 for me was a year of change and growth. God used this year to push me out of my comfort zone and actually make me to talk to people I did not know….which turned out for the best because now I have amazing friends but it was very scary at the times. #introvertproblems I was also blessed with another year with my terminally ill father. God truly did bless me throughout this whole year. Sure, I had my downs and a lot of them, but … Continue reading HELLO 2020, GOODBYE 2019


Y’all, we are in December. We have 17 days till 2019 is over…WHERE THE HECK DID THIS YEAR GO?! This year has flown by so quickly, I can hardly believe my eyes when I see the dates to be honest with y’all. This is going to be a bit of a longer post than most because I had to combine October and November because I am the blogger whom can’t keep track of her own schedule. *face palms* Books October Books (15) November Books (5) Blog Posts October Blog Posts: A Tolkien Blog Party – What’s Holding You Back? – … Continue reading OCTOBER & NOVEMBER WRAP UPS


I feel like September just started and now we are in October…..where has 2019 gone?!? Where I live, it has been in the 90s for the last few months and now we are going down into the 70s. It’s finally “fall” in the South. xD Well now let’s get into the fun stuff. 😉 Books I read a totally of 9 books this month and I felt very proud of myself because of it! Blog Posts I did awful with blogging this month. *face palms* I need to start pre-publishing book reviews and things to stay on top of these … Continue reading SEPTEMBER WRAP UP


It’s September……it’s fall…..school had started…..we are 3/4 of the way done with 2019…..WHERE HAS THIS YEAR GONE?! Seriously y’all I cannot believe how fast this year has flown by. I read quite a few books this month. I read a total of 7 books in August. Let’s get into this post! Books Blog Posts 100 Days of Sunlight Blog Tour – Vow of Justice Book Review – June & July Wrap Ups – Over the Line Book Review – The Story Raider Blog Tour – 100 Days of Sunlight Book Review – The Divided Nation Blog Tour – The Music … Continue reading AUGUST WRAP UP


Whelp, this is going to be a bit longer than most wrap ups because I am wrapping up two months in one. I was on vacation all of June and half of July. We finally are home and finally settling down. Me being on vacation has caused me to get out of my weekly routine with blog posts. I only posted like 5 blog posts in July….whups! I hope to get back on track this month and get back in the game! Books June Books (10) July Books (7) Blog Posts June Blog Posts: Cover Reveals//Freedom & Beloved – May … Continue reading JUNE & JULY WRAP UPS


So May has come and gone. I have lived in Kentucky almost a whole month now and honestly I am loving it. I miss people from Illinois but weather, culture of the South, and the beauty of this state have me falling in love. Now for the stuff that y’all came to read about, my month of May wrap up! I read 9 books this month and I am nearly to the end of my reading challenge for this year. Y’all I put 100 books for my challenge and I have read 68 going on 69. By the end of … Continue reading MAY WRAP UP + ANNOUNCING A “HIATUS”


We are in the five month of 2019 already y’all. We are 1/4 of the way done with 2019…..oh goodness. o.O I have read 8 books this month. I did not get nearly as much as I have in the past months but that’s okay. xD Let’s jump into my March wrap up post! Books Blog Posts Where Fire Falls Book Review – The Awesome Blogger Tag Part 2 – We Were Witnesses Book Review – The Coronation Book Review – March Wrap Up – When Valleys Bloom Again Book Review – Ever Faithful Book Review – The Five Things … Continue reading APRIL WRAP UP


We are in the fourth month of 2019 already y’all. I am super excited because it is spring! I love spring and it’s warm weather. I love seeing the trees and flowers bloom. I also like that it signals that Summer is almost here! #hotweatheristhebestweather I have read 13 books this month. I am very proud of myself because I have keep up with my blog schedule. I haven’t missed one day yet. I just hope that I can continue to do this. I also hit 100 followers in the month of March. Thank you all so much for everything! … Continue reading MARCH WRAP UP