Book Reviews


Andrews, Mesu – Isaiah’s Daughter


Barnett, Karen – The Road to Paradise

Barnett, Karen – Where the Fire Falls

Barnett, Karen – Ever Faithful

Bergren, Lisa Tawn – Waterfall

Bergren, Lisa Tawn – Cascade

Blehm, Eric – Fearless

Blum, Faith – O’ Come All Ye Faithful

Boas, Jacob – We are Witnesses: Five Diaries of Teenagers Who Died in the Holocaust

Bouldin, Tabitha – Trial By Patience

Brandes, Nadine – Fawkes

Breslin, Kate – Far Side of the Sea


Coble, Colleen – Freedom’s Light

Connealy, Mary – Aiming for Love

Corp, Carey & Langdon, Lorie – Doon

Corp, Carey & Langdon, Lorie – Destined for Doon

Currie, Hannah – Heart of a Royal


Davis, Susan Page – Frasier’s Island

Davis, Pat Jeanne – When Valleys Bloom Again

Dylan, Rachel – End Game

Dickerson, Melanie – The Healers Apprentice

Dickerson, Melanie – The Warrior Maiden


Eason, Lynette – Oath of Honor

Eason, Lynette – Called to Protect

Eason, Lynette – Code of Ethics

Eason, Lynette – Code of Valor

Eason, Lynette – Vow of Justice

Eason, Lynette – Protecting Tanner Hollow

Eason, Lynette – Collateral Damage

Ella, Sara – Unblemished

Ella, Sara – Unraveling

Ella, Sara – Unbreakable

Emmons, Abbie – 100 Days of Sunlight


Frantz, Laura – The Lacemaker

Frantz, Laura – A Bound Heart

Frantz, Laura – An Uncommon Woman

Fichter, Brittany – Clara’s Soldier

Fisher, Suzanne Woods – Mending Fences

Fisher, Suzanne Woods – Stitches in Time

Fisher, Suzanne Woods – On a Summer Tide

Fordham, Rachel – Your’s Truly, Thomas

Fox, Sarah Addison – Retrieve

Fox, Sarah Addison – Retreat

Fox, Sarah Addison – Receive

Franklin, Lindsay – The Story Peddler

Franklin, Lindsay – The Story Raider


Griep, Michelle – Brentwood’s Ward

Griep, Michelle – The Innkeeper’s Daughter

Griep, Michelle – The Noble Guardian

Grzy, Sarah Grace – Live Without You


Hannon, Irene – Dark Ambitions

Harris, Lisa – Deadly Intentions

Havig, Chautona – The Trouble with Nancy

Holder, Gina – No Greater Love

Hunter, Kristi Ann – A Defense of Honor

Hunter, Kristi Ann – A Return of Devotion


Irvin, Kelly – Over the Line

Isaac, Kara – Close to You


Jarmusch, Olivia – The Coronation

Jarmusch, Olivia – The Rebellion

Jarmusch, Olivia – Regal Hearts Season One


Keener, Michelle – Mission Hollywood

Kendig, Ronie – Raptor 6

Kendig, Ronie – Brand of Light


Ladd, Sarah – The Governess of Penwythe Hall

Ladd, Sarah – The Thief of Lanwyn Manor

Leech, Caroline – Wait for Me

Linaburg, Kara – The Broken Prince

Lodge, Hillary Manton – Jane of Austin

Lucking, Laurie – Common

Luttrell, Marcus – The Lone Survivor

Lynn, Victoria – London in the Dark


Majors, Katie Davis – Kisses from Katie

Meyers, Marissa – Cinder

Meyers, Marissa – Scarlet

Meyers, Marissa – Cress

Miller, Carolyn – Underestimating Miss Cecilia

Miller, Caroyln – Misleading Miss Verity

Morris, Rebekah – His Law is Love






Peterson, Tracie – Cherished Mercy

Peterson, Tracie – When You Are Near

Peterson, Tracie – Wherever You Go

Platt, David – Something Needs to Change

Politano, Joanna Davidson – Finding Lady Enderly

Potts, Faith – Behold

Potts, Faith – Dandelion Dust

Potts, Faith – Freedom




Roth, Kellyn – Goldfish Secrets


Scott, Regina – A Distance Too Grand

Sundin, Sarah – The Sea Before Us

Stengl, Anne Elisabeth – Heartless


Thomas, Sarah Loudin – The Sound of Rain

Tolkien, J.R.R. – The Lord of the Rings




Various Authors – An Amish Christmas Bakery


Walters, Natalie – Living Lies

Walters, Natalie – Deadly Deceit

Warren, Susan May – Wild Montana Skies

Warren, Susan May – Rescue Me

Warren, Susan May – A Matter of Trust

Warren, Susan May – Troubles Waters

Watts, Angela – The Divided Nation

Weber, Mary – To Best the Boys

Wheaton, Jesseca – I Don’t Dance

Whisper, Willowy – Angel Gate

White, Roseanna – The Number of Love

White, Roseanna – On Wings of Devotion




Yttrup, Ginny – Convergence